TJ Abernathy

TJ Abernathy

Instrument: Tenor horn

Member Since: 2016

Occupation: Woodwind and Brass Tech at Hazelwood Central High School; Usher at Powell hall

Mentors & Musical Heroes: Thomas Jöstlein, David Robertson, Dr. Melissa Gustafson Hinds, Dr. Jennifer Moder

Favorite Brass Band Piece: Trittico - James Curnow


Terrence was granted a French horn performance degree from McKendree University in May 2016. Shortly thereafter, he acquired a position at Powell hall as an usher but works closely with the symphony musicians behind the scenes by way of the IN UNISON graduate fellowship he was awarded in early 2017. His dream is to conduct orchestras all over the world and the symphony has taken him in to help him start his journey. Terrence gets constant mentorship from world class conductors, including his idol turned mentor, David Robertson. As a horn player, he is an alumni of the Saint Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra. Terrence has had many teachers, but none more influential than his current teacher, Associate Principal of the Saint Louis Symphony, Thomas Jöstlein. He performed with the St. Louis Youth Brass Band before becoming a member of the adult brass band. As an educator, he has had many mentors but two wonderful women, Dr. Jennifer Moder (McKendree University) and Dr. Melissa Gustafson Hinds (O' Fallon Township High School) have done the most when inspiring his teaching.