Julie McPike

Julie McPike

Instrument: Cornet

Member Since: 2013

Occupation: Lewis and Clark Community College

Mentors & Musical Heroes: Richard LeVault, our screaming trumpet player who took me under his wing while in high school and really pushed my performance level. He went on to perform with the 389th Army Band which traces its origins dating back to 1901, as the 13th Calvary Band. Doc Severinsen, we never missed a Johnny Carson Show because we wanted to hear those screaming notes.

Favorite Brass Band Piece: Birdland, just because I like a good jam session.


Julie McPike has been a member of the Iowa State University Cyclone Marching Band, Dundee Scots Marching Band (Dundee, IL), New Horizons Band (Godfrey, IL) and Alton Muny Band (Alton, IL).

She holds an MBA from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and a BS Zoology from Iowa State University. She has served Lewis and Clark Community College is a variety of capacities for 29 years, including Director of Public Relations/Marketing and Associate Vice President for Information Services. She also acquired a BA Music Performance from LC with an emphasis in vocal studies. She continues her love for music and the wonder that surrounds it making it a regular part of her daily routine. She is married living in Alton, Illinois and has raised 5 kids and 2 dogs, encouraging all of them in music where possible. Her youngest is attending UIUC which leaves her house too quiet but great for practicing and refining trumpet skills. She has served on the board for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Madison County Arts Council and Alton Symphony Orchestra. Her other past times are ice skating and singing with the Limited Edition vocal ensemble.